The Two Headed Serpent

Session 16

Santos and Snake Island

The Team began investigations in Santos, splitting up into 2 groups Dr Cooper and Tobias (how did Tobias end up with the lovely doctor?) headed to the library to research Snake Island, while Father Bob and CC started asking questions around town.

They discovered:

  • Ilha de Queimada Grande (aka Snake Island), is an uninhabited island 100 miles off the coast of Brazil.
  • A single lighthouse is the only structure on the island and was operated by a lighthouse keeper and his family until 1921 when they disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
  • Caduceus has since been contracted to run/maintain the lighthouse.
  • The island is known as the only place in the work where the Golden Lancehead Viper can be found, one of the most venomous snakes in the world, and it is said that it is so densely populated by these snakes that there are 5 in any square yard on the island!
  • Antivenom for the snakes is produced locally in Santos, with Caduceus being the primary buyer.
  • Local fishermen know think that the island is cursed, or inhabited by monsters and refuse to go there.

With Tobias still researching in the Library the other 3 decided to gather some equipment, leather boots/gloves/pants to protect from snake-bites etc.. They headed to the market.

Dr Cooper was distracted buying a nice new sun-hat when Father Bob and CC were handed a message by a local boy who then ran off into a crowded market place. Opening the message the pair saw that it was just a crude drawing of a snake-eye. CC remembered seeing this referenced in a book, viewing it made the pair vulnerable to the ‘Coils of Yigg’ spell where the victim’s own shadow would coil around them and crush the life from them. The spell can continue as long as the sorcerer has the energy to keep it going and the only safety can be found when the target casts no shadow!

The pair were considering the implications of this when they heard screams coming from the market, rushing forward they saw the messenger boy being choked by his own shadow! Springing to action the pair grabbed the boy and dragged him into a nearby carpet-shop, thrusting money at the owner the hurried to the cellar and closed the door, leaving them in complete darkness.

Dr Cooper was blissfully unaware of the disturbance as she made her purchase and tied it on in front of a mirror.

Father Bob checked the boy, unfortunately the he was already dead. Sighing they started to head outside when Father Bob’s shadow started to choke him! The pair quickly threw more money at the shop-keeper and retreated back to the basement.

Dr Cooper finally worked out what was going on and tracked CC and Father Bob to the carpet shop, there she spoke to CC through the door. Now it seems that Dr Cooper is not as bright as she seems, or else CC was unable to get his message across, but she left without the message that the two were in trouble.. but rather not to interrupt the pair down in the basement!!!

Returning to Tobias she told him that the others were behaving strangely, he said that is what they usually do.. And had the bright idea to build a snake-repelling device to make passage over the island easier. The two quickly got absorbed into the construction of the device and did not think on the others further!

After waiting in the dark basement for hours Father Bob and CC decided that they were on their own.. perhaps the others had already been neutralised by Caduceus! Father Bob came up with the idea to summon the ‘Angel Yasreal’ and have it take out the sorcerer who was targeting them. It seemed a little extreme, the pair decided to save that for plan B.

Cautiously leaving the basement they discovered that the spell was not currently in effect, they were free to track down the sorcerer!

CC decided to scout out the Caduceus HQ and see if the sorcerer was there. Father Bob is slow and not very stealthy, he decided to look for a good spot for the summoning, the tower of the main church in town looked promising.

CC snuck to the warehouse/office where Caduceus operates out of and managed to peer through a skylight, he saw a group of about 6 serpent people who were bunking in the warehouse, but no sign that any was a sorcerer.. well maybe one was and he couldn’t tell, but he had no way to taking out 6 serpent people alone, so he returned to their lodgings for dynamite.

There he met up with Dr Cooper and Tobias who were congratulating each other on their remarkable invention to keep the snakes away. Angry that the pair had not come to their rescue hours ago he stormed in, gave them a glare, grabbed the dynamite and left again, not even a word to tell them what was happening!

Returning to Father Bob, CC told him that he could not be sure that his plan to take down the Sorcerer would work, so Father Bob began his preparations for the summoning. Realising he would need more power for this to work he started to ‘preach’ to a group of late-night worshippers, during the sermon he started to drain their power, a little from each, slowly building his own ability until the power was coursing through him!

CC headed back to Caduceus, there he smashed the skylight, and threw in all the dynamite, then ran! He miss-calculated the explosion and was blown off the roof as the whole of the building was destroyed!

Returning to Father Bob the pair waited to see what would happen.. shortly afterwards the shadow of Bob started to twitch and go after him.. the pair took shelter in the crypts beneath the church.

Looks like plan B is on!

An hour before dawn Father Bob and CC ascended the tower and Father Bob began his summoning with CC assisting. Power surged through Father Bob and he channelled it into the heavens willing the Angel to heed his call and come to his aid.

As the sun rose over Santos Father Bob saw a light in the sky, as he watched in awe it grew bigger and brighter, a cluster of glowing lights answering his prayers, an angel from heaven!

“The price for your call will be paid by the one who drew this” shouted Bob waving the paper with the eye over his head, “Then cleanse Snake Island of the Serpent Folk!”

Only as the glittering form approached, getting larger and larger did he realise this was no angel, an impossibly big mass of mucus which glittered and flashed all colors and completely alien to humanity, Yog Sothoth had come with all its glory to be witnessed by the waking town of Santos.

Days of chaos followed, whole sections of the town were enveloped in the gittery mass, those who were not killed tore out their eyes or wandered the streets in madness.

Later the Team were finally able to re-assemble, by some miracle CC, Dr Cooper and Father Bob had escaped with only minor damage to their bodies and sanity. Unfortunately Tobias was not so lucky. They found him standing on a rooftop naked and claiming that he was the Serpent Lord SSeth, here to rule over this world and insisting that all must bow to his majesty!

Dr Cooper was able to sedate him and the decided to send him back to America for treatment, perhaps at St Cuthbert’s Home for the Mentally Deranged? But before they could send him away, they needed the Cobra Crown. Hours of delicate surgery later Dr Shelly Cooper had complete her most dangerous surgery to date, but had been able to remove the Crown safely from “Serpent Lord SSeth”, who was put on a plane for America.

The Team met an adventurous pilot by the name of James “Jim” Gujic who had flown into the town on his sea-plane looking for action and adventure. The team told him that if he wanted adventure then they were certainly heading for one and he readily agreed to travel with them, he would even fly them to Snake Island!

Gathering some supplies and the snake-repelling machine they took off and flew to the island….

A storm was raging over the island as they approached, but Jim was a seasoned pilot and landing was easy. But as they taxi-ed towards the shore a large shape moved beneath the waters! Jim quickly began to gain speed, seeking to take off and escape the monstrous sea-snake which was even now lunging for the plane!

Father Bob gulped as the serpent only just missed the plane and reached for his bag.. it was time.. he took out the crown and placed it on his head, wincing as the tails of the snakes burrowed into his skull and filled him with power and knowledge.

Reaching out with his had he easily overcame the primitive serpent brain and commanded it to head onto the island and kill all serpent people there. He smiled a snake-like grin as it obeyed, he was the master of the Cobra Crown now!

Following the trail of the snake with their snake-repeller the team were easily able to head in to the centre of the island where they found the massive serpent wrapped around the lighthouse trying to get at something within, something which was shooting back with a flame-pistol!

Rushing in the confront the person the team discovered that it was none other than Sseassar who they had encountered in the Congo. He told them that he was the only survivor of the Caduceus squad here, the Inner Night had shown up a few days back and had killed everyone with their formless spawn then headed through the portal to Mu. Sseassar had wisely hidden to pass on what had happened and had been working to try and close the gate when this large snake had arrived and tried to kill him!

The Team again took Sseassar captive and took him with them as they stepped through the portal to another place..



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