The Two Headed Serpent

Session 13

New York & Calcutta

On the trip back to America Father Bob showed the team his new ‘skin condition’ where he seems to be slowly transforming into a Serpent Person due to the Sigma Serum which Caduceus had injected him with to save his life. His research has indicated that the laboratories on Mu might have a way of reversing the process.

The team seemed to take it well enough, no one pulled any guns on each other, so that’s a good thing.

Back in America the team returned to New York, reconnecting with the Mafia and making use of one of their safe houses. The Italian Businessmen told the team that they had been declared dead and their homes raided by mysterious men, likely from Caduceus.

The team finally told the Mafia about the Red Hook warehouse and worked with them to plan an assault to ‘teach these guys a lesson’. The team were all eager to take part, mainly to search for further evidence.

While things were coming together the team snuck back into Caduceus headquarters where they were able to uncover further evidence of Caduceus’ activities and efforts to get to Mu. Apparently the Cobra Crown is critical and it may have been seen in Calcutta, India. A plane is apparently waiting to take Joshua Meacham himself to the city once the reports have been confirmed. It also appears that the ‘Dreamer’ is not aligned to either the Inner Night or Caduceus and working towards her own ends.

The team grabbed everything they could (including some strange snake-statues which seemed to act as surveillance devices recording what had occurred in their presence and an old book, apparently another translation of the Necronomicon, known as the Sussex Manuscript), important possessions of Father Bob and Tobias were found, but strangely no sigh of CC’s precious Serpent Sceptre. They set fire to the building to cover their tracks.

The paper the next day reported the fire, which damaged, but did not destroy the building. Also in that paper was an article indicating that the Cobra Crown was soon to go on display in the Calcutta Museum! Time to head to India.. but first a trip to a certain warehouse with a bunch of Tommy-Gun toting Italians..

The raid on the warehouse went more/less according to plan with guards being gunned down as the men advanced into the building. Things went awry as they descended to the lower level where the gunfire damaged a series of glass tubes containing massive mutated mosquitos which had been grafted with some form of electronic devices. As the mosquitoes spread out through the warehouse the team quickly set dynamite and blasted the whole building to match-sticks. That’ll slow down those snake-men’s plans!

CC and Hancock disguised themselves and headed to CCs apartment to ‘scope out’ the place and see if it had also been raided. On arrival the doorman told them that CC’s floor was ‘closed for renovations’ and that it was off limits. He seemed quite nervous about this, but insisted that no one was allowed on that floor.

Not to be put-off by such things the pair headed round the back and up some service stairs where they found a sign on the floor that the area was closed pending a ‘police operation’. Ignoring this the pair headed to CC’s apartment.

Things were certainly not right as a body was right inside the door, strange that the police would leave it there as it was beginning to smell.. Hancock stayed by the door to keep a look-out as CC carefully headed into the apartment, planning to quickly check/grab the sceptre and get out.

He was distracted by some strange writing in Nacaal on his kitchen floor, moving to investigate ‘something’ grabbed him, dragged him out of Hancock’s sight and started to drain his blood!

Hancock rushed to assist as CC wriggled free of the grip. The creature seemed to be invisible, but slowly came into view as CC’s blood coursed through it! The sight was too much for Hancock his brain just snapped instilling him with a sense of superiority to the beast making him sure he could explain is planned attacks to it in advance of actually doing so.

While telling it how he was planning to defeat it with gunfire and would later celebrate with some questionable ladies Hancock was grabbed by the creature which started to drain HIS blood!

In the scuffle CC’s disguise had been dislodged and strangely the creature seemed to recognise him and no longer sought him harm.. Hancock was not so lucky, with the creature only focussed on him he was unable to fight his way free and was killed as the beast hungrily slurped on his blood.

Hancock’s luck had run out.

CC found that his weaponry was having only limited effect on the creature, but was able to drive it away from Hancock’s body, but too late for Hancock. Cautiously keeping an eye on the creature CC checked the Sceptre’s hiding place, only to find that it was gone, replaced with the Nacaal symbol for ‘Tyranish’, the Dreamer had reclaimed her staff, but apparently did not want CC dead..

Returning to the rest of the Team with Hancock’s remains, he told the others what had happened, it seemed like their number was down by one.. Or maybe it wasn’t too late for Hancock, a quick study of the Sussex book indicated that it contained a ‘spell’ which could bring the dead back to life.. if someone had the willingness to learn such a dark spell, everyone looked at Father Bob.

In the meantime the team recruited the glamourous Dr Suzan Sanders A talented scientist, specialising in DNA and gene-therapies she was allegedly there to help Father Bob with his ‘skin condition’, but might also have been there as Tobias was known to like a good looking lady.. even in a lab-coat!

The team headed to the air-port to ‘borrow’ the Caduceus plane waiting to take Meacham to India, but it seems it had already left, about 2 days ago! It seems the enemy had a head-start! The team hastily booked passage on a commercial airliner and winged their way across the world to……


Arriving in Calcutta the team gave some through as to which hotel to stay at, apparently Meacham was to stay in the Eastern Hotel, the Bristol Hotel was near-by, but not too close, so the team settled on the Grand Hotel as the finest establishment in the city.

While unloading their bags the noticed a car parked across the way with a lady sitting in the back watching the hotel, a lady who’s description matched Rose Meacham.. the head of the Inner Night!

Quickly reconsidering their accommodation choice, the team decided that the Bristol wasn’t such a bad idea after all. But as their cab drove off they spotted a man escaping the Grand Hotel being pursued by two large men down an alleyway.

All the men immediately gave chase, instructing Dr Sanders to meet them at the Bristol. They pursued the men down the alleyway, through crowds, past snakes, through a restaurant and it’s kitchen. CC, quick on his feet, was able to catch the thugs in an alleyway behind the restaurant and took them out of the chase with two quick shots to their legs. He did not stop though as the first man was just disappearing into the back of that building up ahead.

Tobias ran past shortly afterwards, there was no sign of CC or the other guy so he stopped and quickly finished off the two men before casually strolling away to meet the rest at the Bristol. Old Father Bob hobbled up almost a minute later and quickly searched their bodies discovering nothing of note and so hobbled off to the Bristol as well.

CC, the only man still in the chase ran into the building, through some servant’s areas to discover he was in the lobby of.. the Bristol Hotel! Quickly scanning the area he found the other man, trying to blend in by hiding behind a newspaper. Sliding into a seat next to him CC smoothly introduced himself.

At this very moment Dr Sanders walked into the lobby, slightly surprised to note that CC had arrived before her!

As everyone caught their breath someone spotted CC…




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