The Two Headed Serpent

Final Session


Stepping through the portal the team arrived in another place. They were looking over a valley with a swamp at it’s base, on the opposite side was a volcano on top of was a large alien-looking citadel, this was obviously their destination.

A path lead down into the valley under the cloud-filled sky in which strange tentacles would sometimes be seen.

The team looked at each other and set forth, time to save the world!

Travel through the swamp was filled with strange sights/sounds, some benign, others dangerous.. a massive creature beneath the water swallowed SSaessar, sticks had eyes, and screaming mouths, plants blew strange pollens at the group..

Just before they had passed through the group encountered the site of a battle between some serpent people and some Elder Things. Who had won was uncertain, but a single Elder Thing remained alive, but was terribly wounded. The team were eventually able to communicate with it and Father Bob was able to convince it to ‘take them to it’s leader’..

Taking the creature with them the team emerged from the swamp to discover a battle was taking place at the base of the volcano, as the forces of the Elder Things were seeking to break down the castle, while the castle shot back at them with laser weapons.

Arriving at the ‘Commander’ of the Elder Things there were a few tense moments before the Team was able to convince the Elder Things that they were here to stop the Serpent People rather than aid them. The Elder Things agreed to draw the Castle’s fire to get the Team inside, in return the Team would let off a flare to let the Attackers know that the Haftorang Device was armed and that they should withdraw to a safe distance.

Dodging random laser fire the team rushed to the Citadel and waited while it phased in/out of existence to jump inside. There is was quiet compared to the outside world with high-tech-looking metal/crystal corridors, but signs of disrepair were everywhere with malfunctioning lights and patchy ventilation.

Travel through the Citadel was also a strange and unnerving experience as the team witnessed the technology which had been sustaining these serpent people for thousands of years, cut off from the outside world. The serpent people here had grown stunted and dull in their isolation, nothing compared to the dangerous specimens in the ‘real world.’ There were a few minor skirmishes with the serpent people, but the team moved onwards with little difficulty.

Along the way they discovered a laboratory which Father Bob identified as the place he needed to use to reverse the hybridisation process which Caduceus had inflicted upon him, slowly turning him into a serpent person. The Team’s knowledge of the alien technology was extremely limited, but Father Bob was determined to attempt the transition and stepped into the machine, activating the controls with his telekinetic powers.. The results were.. less than favourable.. he came out with scales! He tried again, and again and again.. each time trying different control combinations, hoping to find the one to return him to his human form.. Finally the transformation seemed complete.. but not the way he had planned, he had been transformed completely into a serpent person!

Further attempts to reverse the process were unsuccessful, it seemed that this was to be Father Bob from here onwards.. Hissing in dissatisfaction Father Bob gave up on this attempts and the Team pushed onwards towards the centre of the Citadel.

Arriving at the centre of the citadel the Team discovered a large temple dedicated to Yigg. Within were are large number of very nervous looking stunted serpent people. The cause of their discomfort was obvious as a mass of black slimy darkness was guarding some stairs which looks to lead to some inner sanctum.

Father Bob stepped up and addressed the masses, telling them that he was here to lead them. With his new serpent physique and wearing the Cobra Crown it was certainly plausible, and with the dull-wittedness of the serpent people of Mu the bought it!

It seems that the inner night had come through here and were currently in the inner sanctum where Yigg resides.. Father Bob tried to rally the serpent people to attack the formless spawn, but they were too frightened of it and had no weapons. Father Bob sent the off to find some laser staffs/pistols.

All the while the formless spawn seemed happy enough to ignore everyone as long as they did not approach.. seeing this the team lined up with their staffs as far away as they could and opened up with a volley of fire on the spawn which was quickly disintegrated under the onslaught!

The way was clear, the team gathered a few of the stunted serpent people and followed them down the stairs, the serpent people up front were cut down by a volley of laserfire from below and the team heard Rose Meadham advising them to stay back or face the consequences.

Father Bob pulled out his last stick of dynamite, lit it and casually threw it down the stairs.. boom.. problem solved!

Heading down the team found that the small inner sanctum was actually the control room for this complex, but now it was in ruins, the dynamite had blown a hole in the floor and torn to pieces several serpent people who had been plugged into the machine via some helmet/glove interfaces.

The sight of the carnage was too much for CC who momentarily blanked out and forgot the last 12 months.. he blinked and looked about.. what was going on?

‘Help’ came a woman’s voice from the hole, it seemed Rose Meadham had survived, but was hanging perilously over the volcano which had been exposed by the hole in the floor, within the volcano was.. something.. fortunately CC was already insane and didn’t pay it any attention as he sought to rescue the damsel in distress!

Meanwhile the rest of the team was talking to the central computer which over the years seemed to have started to believe the worshippers who named it Yigg! With the arrival of the inner night it had started the sequence to return itself to the real world and activate the doomsday device to erupt all the Earth’s volcanoes at once!

Trying to talk the computer down only served to aggrevate it and it summoned some ‘defences’ in the form of metallic silver snakes and laser weapons deployed from the ceiling!

A desperate fight erupted in the control-room, made even more perilous by the unstable floor and the certain death waiting below. Rose unleashed a torrent of magic at Father Bob who was able to easily shrug it aside thanks to the sorcerous enhancement of the Serpent Crown. In the melee Rose was shot several times and sent screaming down through the pit the meet the dark god within, she swiftly petrified and turned to leather before melting in the magma below.

The team were able to handily defeat the other defensive measures and set the Haftorang device on a 30 minute fuse before beating a hasty retreat from the citadel. On the way out they were pursued by some flesh eating mechanical mosquitoes, but were able to stay just ahead of them and escape the Citadel and get to a safe distance before the Haftorang device blew the citadel out of existence.

Panting the team took stock of their situation. Thinking over the past few hours of events Father Bob came to the horrific realisation.. the portal back to Earth was likely powered by the Citadel, it may no longer be there, or if it was it might wink shut at any moment!

Filled with a surge of panic induced adrenaline the team rushed back down the track through the swamp..

Some time later they emerged, covered in dirt, slime, sweat and blood at the portal home only to see it start to close before their eyes. Rushing forward they dove for the portal..

Jim and Father Bob were lucky and made it, but CC stumbled in the last few paces, this constant running having caught up with him and he growled in dismay as he fell through the portal a second too late and landed on his hands and knees, still in Mu!

Shelly helped CC to his feet, looking around. “There must be another way home” she said adjusting her glasses, “And I’m sure the Elder Things know the way, let’s go and see what we can learn.”

CC squared his shoulders and checked his ammo, this could be the start of a whole new adventure!

Jim and Father Bob emerged from the portal on Snake Island and looked down at where the portal once was.

“If I’m going to open up a portal to rescue CC and Shelly I’m going to need power he hissed.” Looking down at himself he added “You will have to go and get 'sacrifices'.. I mean 'help', Jim as I cannot go back looking like this.”

Jim headed back to the plane, surely it’s worth luring a few suckers back to this Island to save those who helped save the world?

The world was safe from the Serpent People’s plots and so the Two Headed Serpent is complete.



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