The Two Headed Serpent

Session 8b

New York

Arriving at the Green Garden Cafe our heroes observed that while the restaurant was closed it was full of well dressed men dining on Italian food, a closer look showed that most seemed to be packing heat.

Heading in regardless the team sat down to speak to some "businessmen". They were questioned on their involvement with Caduceus, especially their trips abroad and whether they were acting as couriers to bring stuff into New York from abroad.

It seems the Mafia had been tipped off that Caduceus was smuggling drugs into the city, something they would not stand for.. for the good of the people of the city.. of course.

Their source said the drugs were being funneled through a warehouse somewhere in the Red Hook district, however, being cautious businessmen they wanted confirmation before heading in with guns blazing and are hoping the team can use their insider status with Caduceus to verify the claims.

The team were dubious of helping the Mafia, but agreed to investigate, whether they report back to the Mafia their findings, well that remains to be seen.

Investigations began:

  • Father Bob spent time researching some of the entities which he had read about in the Book of Eibon, consulting various sources within/outside Caduceus he was able to determine that they were all bad news and not to be messed with lightly, except perhaps Yog Zothoth who apparently has no love for serpent people and actively helps those who oppose them.
  • CC was able to locate two Caduceus warehouses in Red Hook, one of which seemed to be operating normally, but the other seemed very unusual, not only did it have excessive guards, but also anything going into it was quickly moved out, and the volume of goods did not seem to add up. The goods going in/out seemed normal enough, except all seemed to include some chemical compound which was later identified as being used as an insect repellant.
  • Tobias was able to look into the guards on the suspect warehouse and learn that while 6 and the relief team seemed normal, the remaining 24 did not have any details on file, very strange. He proceeded to get his name on the short-list to fill-in if 'something' were to happen to any of the guards and a replacement be needed. He then sourced a laxitive and proceeded to find the homes of the 'normal' guards and learned that they all seemed to enjoy sharing moonshine from the same dealer, the dealer's still was located and he is now ready to give them all a dose of the squirts to get himself into guard duty, just need the right time!

The team is now considering whether they are working for the right side, all are certain that they are working for serpent people, but are they any better than the Inner Night? They also suspect each other as being serpent people or working for other organizations, but maybe they're still on the same side, or can be convinced to swap sides??

Unfortunately, before any plans to infiltrate the warehouse could be put into play the team were called in for their next mission briefing..

On the way to the briefing room the team passed a room where the 'mummy' they had recovered from Bolivia was being tested by some scientists, as they walked past the serpent woman gave CC a lingering look.. maybe there is some connection there?

It seems the small-town of Bingham, Oklahoma has taken to worshipping Yig, the Father of Serpents! A Reverent Cornfield has been broadcasting religious messages with hidden messages calling those who would worship Yig to come to the town, as well as some Nacaal prayers as well.

Caduceus is always investigating such events in case of Inner Night involvement, although this is not suspected in this case as Yig is not their deity of choice. The team is to get to the bottom of this and find the source, but not go too hard on the people there as they are probably just misguided.

The briefing was interrupted by some words bellowing out in Nacaal (which the team did not catch) followed by screams and the sound of destruction coming from the room where they had seen the serpent person 'mummy', rushing to investigate the team saw the remains of the scientists and equipment scattered about the room like confetti and a quickly closing portal, CC snapped off a shot with a flame pistol, likely hitting whatever was escaping through the portal, but whether it was a mortal shot was unknown, the mummy was on the loose!

The briefing wound down and the team was off to Oklahoma!



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