The Two Headed Serpent

Session 14

CC had caught up with his new ‘friend’ in the lobby of the hotel. Meanwhile Shelly Cooper was holding the door open for an old guy with a large beard who was very slowly hobbling through.

Suddenly the old guy stopped in the middle of the door, pointed at CC and yelled ‘You!’.

The whole lobby stopped to see what was happening as the large, imposing figure of Canning rumbled towards CC on Meadham’s orders, casually knocking down anyone who stood in his path.

‘Time of go!’ suggested CC to his friend and moved to leave, he hesitated as the man didn’t seem convinced that going with him would be a good idea. In that moment Canning opened his mouth and a serpentine tongue lashed clear across the room to wrap around his arm. Venom coating the tongue seeped into CC’s skin leaving him writhing in pain and powerless to stop himself being pulled towards the monster who grasped him by the throat with 1 hand and casually strolled from the lobby into the street beyond.

Looking shocked, Shelly was only able to manage a pitiful whimper as her new associate was casually carried towards a large black limousine which the pair had recently stepped from.

Down the road Tobias and Father Bob emerged from the back-alleys of Calcutta and noticed some sort of trouble at the hotel, they both moved to investigate.

A pair of brave hotel staff leaped onto Canning in an effort to rescue their guest but were brutally thrown off and back into the hotel through the front doors, smashing them off their hinges. CC was unceremoniously dumped into the boot of the Limo. Canning and Meadham got into the car, started it and began to pull away.

Recovering from the venom in the boot of the car CC pulled his pistols, aimed roughly towards where the driver would be and opened up with both, blasting away in an effort to stop his foes. His volley seemed somewhat successful as the car stopped and he heard the heavy steps of Canning as he moved towards the boot of the car. CC readied his pistols and opened up with everything he could when the boot opened!

Canning moved quickly for such a large man, avoiding most of the blasts, those bullets which did hit him seemed to be fairly ineffective.. what was this guy!?!

Shelly leapt into a waiting taxi, revving the engine with the hopes of crushing the big man between the two cars, unfortunately she did not notice that the wheels were turned and she accelerated straight into the path of an oncoming truck which smashed into the taxi crushing the front-half, Shelly was lucky to get away with only a few scratches!

As Canning raised his fists to silence CC for good Tobias arrived on the scene, opening up with his two pistols one well-aimed shot catching the big man in the side of the face and blowing it partially away, but still the man would not stop, laying a few massive blows into CC before a desperate shot from CC caught him in the chest. Canning looked dumbly down at the red spreading out from his jacket before collapsing to the ground.

The team breathed a collective sigh of relief, but the sigh caught in their throats as Meadham stepped out of the Limo and stretched his back. The party were still considering what to do next when he threw aside his cane and flying kicked CC from the other side of the car! Reeling, CC was only just able to dodge the venomous fangs which followed.

Shelly ran forwards and tried to slap the old man with her hand-bag, but caught a claw to the arm for her troubles. Tobias opened up with his pistols once more, the bullets all striking true, but were all deflected by some mystical shield which surrounded the man.

Father Bob, seeing that things were likely to go badly very quickly reached into his mystical powers and bodily threw Meadham out and away from the group, sending him smashing through the 1st storey window of the hotel! With no time to stand around and figure out what had just happened the group quickly piled into the still-running limousine and fled the scene just as the police arrived.

They drove for 20 minutes to ensure that they had escaped before stopping to decide what to do next. Examining the car they discovered a list of hotels written on airport stationary as well as a name and an address, it seems Meadham had been looking for someone, probably something to do with the crown.. Also in the back seat was a briefcase, inside several robotic mosquitos as well as plans to use the crown to get through a portal on ‘Snake Island’ near the town of Santos off the coast of Brazil, failing that they might be able to fight their way past the guardians, or as a last resort summon Mu back to this world, notes indicated that this last course would likely be ‘hazardous’.

The team set about following leads to the crown, it seemed that Meadham was at least 2 steps ahead of them, apparently the only contacts were either dead or in hiding.. they were almost sold a fake crown by a policeman who had recovered it from one of the treasure hunters who was trying to sell it to Rose Meadham, they bought it anyhow, but it was not what they were after.

Snooping in a hotel bar they met Rose Meadham who seemed to think they knew more than they really did and tried to recruit them, they didn’t commit to anything, however Rose seemed to take that as a ‘yes’ and left them with some ‘gifts’, a report on Caduceus’ activities and a Haftorang Device (the same as the one which blew up half of Borneo). She even kindly left them instructions for use of the device.. they were deliberately miss-leading as the team discovered when their scientists looked it over. It seems she also thinks the team are stupid!

Father Bob jumped on a train to a remote Sea-side town where he planned to make contact with the Elder Things, a race of beings involved in the ancient war with the serpent people which resulted in Mu being banished from Earth. He hoped these beings would be able to give him help or information to defeat their current foes, but who knows what alien creatures want.. and whether Father Bob will ever be seen again..

Running short of leads the team took a long-shot and visited a tea-room which the treasure hunters were known to frequent. Luckily there they discovered the last remaining treasure hunter, who was only too willing to cooperate in exchange for help getting away from Rose Meadham. The man told the party that he had seen the Crown, it was in the temple to Mansa Devi here in Calcutta, hidden in a crypt with no guards, only some lowly monks to protect it, they can easily sneak in and grab it, there should be no resistance…

The team debated long and hard as to whether to bring the Haftorang Device in case there was something.. unnatural in there.. eventually they elected not to, the civilian casualties of such a blast would be catastrophic!

Jumping in a car the Team head across town towards the temple, as they approach they see that there is some kind of festival going on in the surrounding neighbourhood…

Session 13
New York & Calcutta

On the trip back to America Father Bob showed the team his new ‘skin condition’ where he seems to be slowly transforming into a Serpent Person due to the Sigma Serum which Caduceus had injected him with to save his life. His research has indicated that the laboratories on Mu might have a way of reversing the process.

The team seemed to take it well enough, no one pulled any guns on each other, so that’s a good thing.

Back in America the team returned to New York, reconnecting with the Mafia and making use of one of their safe houses. The Italian Businessmen told the team that they had been declared dead and their homes raided by mysterious men, likely from Caduceus.

The team finally told the Mafia about the Red Hook warehouse and worked with them to plan an assault to ‘teach these guys a lesson’. The team were all eager to take part, mainly to search for further evidence.

While things were coming together the team snuck back into Caduceus headquarters where they were able to uncover further evidence of Caduceus’ activities and efforts to get to Mu. Apparently the Cobra Crown is critical and it may have been seen in Calcutta, India. A plane is apparently waiting to take Joshua Meacham himself to the city once the reports have been confirmed. It also appears that the ‘Dreamer’ is not aligned to either the Inner Night or Caduceus and working towards her own ends.

The team grabbed everything they could (including some strange snake-statues which seemed to act as surveillance devices recording what had occurred in their presence and an old book, apparently another translation of the Necronomicon, known as the Sussex Manuscript), important possessions of Father Bob and Tobias were found, but strangely no sigh of CC’s precious Serpent Sceptre. They set fire to the building to cover their tracks.

The paper the next day reported the fire, which damaged, but did not destroy the building. Also in that paper was an article indicating that the Cobra Crown was soon to go on display in the Calcutta Museum! Time to head to India.. but first a trip to a certain warehouse with a bunch of Tommy-Gun toting Italians..

The raid on the warehouse went more/less according to plan with guards being gunned down as the men advanced into the building. Things went awry as they descended to the lower level where the gunfire damaged a series of glass tubes containing massive mutated mosquitos which had been grafted with some form of electronic devices. As the mosquitoes spread out through the warehouse the team quickly set dynamite and blasted the whole building to match-sticks. That’ll slow down those snake-men’s plans!

CC and Hancock disguised themselves and headed to CCs apartment to ‘scope out’ the place and see if it had also been raided. On arrival the doorman told them that CC’s floor was ‘closed for renovations’ and that it was off limits. He seemed quite nervous about this, but insisted that no one was allowed on that floor.

Not to be put-off by such things the pair headed round the back and up some service stairs where they found a sign on the floor that the area was closed pending a ‘police operation’. Ignoring this the pair headed to CC’s apartment.

Things were certainly not right as a body was right inside the door, strange that the police would leave it there as it was beginning to smell.. Hancock stayed by the door to keep a look-out as CC carefully headed into the apartment, planning to quickly check/grab the sceptre and get out.

He was distracted by some strange writing in Nacaal on his kitchen floor, moving to investigate ‘something’ grabbed him, dragged him out of Hancock’s sight and started to drain his blood!

Hancock rushed to assist as CC wriggled free of the grip. The creature seemed to be invisible, but slowly came into view as CC’s blood coursed through it! The sight was too much for Hancock his brain just snapped instilling him with a sense of superiority to the beast making him sure he could explain is planned attacks to it in advance of actually doing so.

While telling it how he was planning to defeat it with gunfire and would later celebrate with some questionable ladies Hancock was grabbed by the creature which started to drain HIS blood!

In the scuffle CC’s disguise had been dislodged and strangely the creature seemed to recognise him and no longer sought him harm.. Hancock was not so lucky, with the creature only focussed on him he was unable to fight his way free and was killed as the beast hungrily slurped on his blood.

Hancock’s luck had run out.

CC found that his weaponry was having only limited effect on the creature, but was able to drive it away from Hancock’s body, but too late for Hancock. Cautiously keeping an eye on the creature CC checked the Sceptre’s hiding place, only to find that it was gone, replaced with the Nacaal symbol for ‘Tyranish’, the Dreamer had reclaimed her staff, but apparently did not want CC dead..

Returning to the rest of the Team with Hancock’s remains, he told the others what had happened, it seemed like their number was down by one.. Or maybe it wasn’t too late for Hancock, a quick study of the Sussex book indicated that it contained a ‘spell’ which could bring the dead back to life.. if someone had the willingness to learn such a dark spell, everyone looked at Father Bob.

In the meantime the team recruited the glamourous Dr Suzan Sanders A talented scientist, specialising in DNA and gene-therapies she was allegedly there to help Father Bob with his ‘skin condition’, but might also have been there as Tobias was known to like a good looking lady.. even in a lab-coat!

The team headed to the air-port to ‘borrow’ the Caduceus plane waiting to take Meacham to India, but it seems it had already left, about 2 days ago! It seems the enemy had a head-start! The team hastily booked passage on a commercial airliner and winged their way across the world to……


Arriving in Calcutta the team gave some through as to which hotel to stay at, apparently Meacham was to stay in the Eastern Hotel, the Bristol Hotel was near-by, but not too close, so the team settled on the Grand Hotel as the finest establishment in the city.

While unloading their bags the noticed a car parked across the way with a lady sitting in the back watching the hotel, a lady who’s description matched Rose Meacham.. the head of the Inner Night!

Quickly reconsidering their accommodation choice, the team decided that the Bristol wasn’t such a bad idea after all. But as their cab drove off they spotted a man escaping the Grand Hotel being pursued by two large men down an alleyway.

All the men immediately gave chase, instructing Dr Sanders to meet them at the Bristol. They pursued the men down the alleyway, through crowds, past snakes, through a restaurant and it’s kitchen. CC, quick on his feet, was able to catch the thugs in an alleyway behind the restaurant and took them out of the chase with two quick shots to their legs. He did not stop though as the first man was just disappearing into the back of that building up ahead.

Tobias ran past shortly afterwards, there was no sign of CC or the other guy so he stopped and quickly finished off the two men before casually strolling away to meet the rest at the Bristol. Old Father Bob hobbled up almost a minute later and quickly searched their bodies discovering nothing of note and so hobbled off to the Bristol as well.

CC, the only man still in the chase ran into the building, through some servant’s areas to discover he was in the lobby of.. the Bristol Hotel! Quickly scanning the area he found the other man, trying to blend in by hiding behind a newspaper. Sliding into a seat next to him CC smoothly introduced himself.

At this very moment Dr Sanders walked into the lobby, slightly surprised to note that CC had arrived before her!

As everyone caught their breath someone spotted CC…


Session 12
Belgian Congo

The Team were sheltering in the hospital with the few people they had been able to save. They realised that there was no way they could have been transported over here by regular means, perhaps a gate was somehow involved?

Seemingly stuck for now Tobias set about creating a device which could be used to track down what the mysterious remote was for which they had recovered from the serpent person “nurse”.

While he was doing this the rest of the team set-about organising the people to create several smoky fires to drive the flies away from the hospital, this tactic proved successful and by the time the device was ready the hospital was already being cleared of the pests.

Following the ‘tracker’ the team were able to locate a glass case which seemed to have held the flies as a ‘bomb’ ready to be remotely released on the push of a button, it seems that the ‘bomb’ had already been activated. The canister was fitted with the remote release mechanism as well as a drip-release of some green liquid. The team took the case as well as the liquid and some flies for study later.

The villagers were moving their smoke-screen forwards to start clearing the village, they seemed to have things under control, so the team plus Carole decided to set out for the mine in the hopes of finding the escaped Serpent Person and a way out of this jungle, hopefully the Gate, or maybe the air-field.

Using smoky torches to keep the flies at bay the team moved through the jungle, encountering some strange vegetation which they elected to keep well away from (and thus avoided a very dangerous encounter with some dinosaurs!!).

Arriving at the mine, everything seemed quiet. The mine was an open one consisting of a large pit with elevators to take people up/down as well as a few scattered buildings on the ground level. Looking into the pit there was a strange sight, a large pyramid had been constructed (or unearthed) in the centre of the pit and around it shambled a large number of people who seemed to have had their minds wiped leaving them as zombie-like husks!

Investigating the buildings the team were able to ambush and capture 4 serpent people, 2 in human guise. One of these was named Sseassarr who seemed quite cooperative, it seems his position as ‘security guard’ was certainly not worth being killed over! He told the team that there were about a dozen guards in the research centre below along with scientists and other support serpents. The gate was indeed located below in the facility, what they were researching in the labs was above his understanding and/or paygrade.

The Team secured the other guards, but took Sseassarr with them to get them inside. He lead them down into the pit where he demonstrated (by casually beating them) that the zombies were mindless unless controlled by a ‘sorceror’. His palm was able to open the door granting access to the interior.

Things were progressing very smoothly for the team, but this was not to last, shortly after entering the facility they were challenged by two further Serpent Person guards who quickly realised the team were certainly not supposed to be there! In the ensuing firefight the deadliness of the serpent-person laser-staves was demonstrated as Carole had her head vaporised and Tobias almost suffered a similar fate, only being saved by pure luck, but being knocked out regardless. Ssaessarr took this opportunity to turn on the Team and swing the odds into the serpent people’s favour!

Things were looking bad for the Team so Father Bob was forced to call upon the magic he had learned from the books he had been studying. Reaching in to the minds of the guards he was able to temporarily dominate them into turning on each other! This quickly turned the tide once more and Ssaessarr fled into the complex, Hancock pursued, but was forced to break off pursuit as it seemed Ssaessarr was able to find reinforcements, who then started to chase Hancock!

Father Bob scooped up the unconscious Tobias and joined Hancock in running up stairs away from the pursuing serpent-men. As they ran then encountered various laboratories where people were being experimented on by the serpent-men. A few scientiests were cowed by the Team’s presence, and one which was not had his face blown off! Hancock delayed pursuit by wheeling a table (complete with test subject) down the stairs into the pursuers!

One room seemed to be some kind of planning/operations room, there a serpent person pulled a flame-pistol on our heroes, Father Bob again showed his sorcerous power, yanking the gun out of the claws of the surprised serpent person! The team pair quickly grabbed as many papers as they could before being forced to flee further by the guards who were chasing them.

They ran past another room which was filled with glass canisters of flies, there must have been a hundred canisters, each filled with thousands of the flies, if these all carried the sleeping sickness this room would have enough to infect massive parts of the globe! But there was no time to investigate further as laser bolts were constantly trying to cook the heroes!

Finally the team reached the top of the facility which turned out to be an armoury.. not the gate they had hoped for.. they were trapped! They were at least able to retrieve their possessions, and a cure for the sleeping sickness, the two quickly gulped it down and grabbed all of it they could but things were looking grim. Father Bob and Hancock exchanged a look which might have been their last before Hancock decided it was hero-time!

Before Bob could react he charged back out the door and into the oncoming laser shots, he dashed past the first surprised Serpent Man before it was able to react he was past him, ahead of him another serpent man raised it’s staff. Hancock surged towards him, not even trying to attack it, startled it squeezed off a shot, catching Hancock in the side causing him a savage injury, but Hancock’s momentum carried him past the Serpent Person and through the door it was standing in front of, the canister room! Hancock them opened fire, blasting away at the canisters and releasing a massive plague of flies!

This brave action saved the day as the flies drove the serpent people from the facility giving the Team a chance to re-group. Enigma finally came round as the team were working to get through a solid-steel door in the basement of the facility, finally breaching the door they found the gate they had been seeking, it was currently closed, seemingly the serpent people had fled through it and closed it after them.

Further searching discovered the power-plant for the facility which enigma was able to set to overload and self-destruct, hopefully that would set-back the plans of these serpent folk.

As the team prepared to exit the facility Father Bob went on ahead, as he did so the zombies attacked him! A horde of the mindless people descended upon him, again his sorcerous powers came to his aid as he used his telekentic powers to blast a path to the nearest lift which he quickly started to scale. The undead swarmed around that lift clearing the way for the rest of the team to make their way to another lift and start to exit the pit.

Finally pulling himself to the top of the pit Father Bob was confronted by a Serpent Person who seemed to have some sorcerous ability itself, a clash of power ensued, each trying to use their magic to bring the other undone. Their powers seemed equal, but Father Bob had something the serpent sorcerer did not.. friends with guns! Hancock and Enigma opened fire on the sorcerer as they rode the lift upwards and a single bullet caught the serpent man in the back of the head ending the duel, Father Bob was victorious!…?

The team quickly ran from the area as a huge explosion rocked the jungle, looking back the whole facility had been destroyed.

Returning to the hospital the team distributed the cure, keeping some for themselves and some for replication, radioing the capital they were assured that the army was on the way, they had heard about the explosion and would be there shortly. But how could they know?? Sensing further Serpent-person infiltration of powerful organisations the team quickly packed up their things and headed out.

They found an old plane at an airstrip near the mine (fortunately it was outside the blast) and flew away planning to return to New York and possibly take the fight to Caduceus!


Session 11
New York and Belgian Congo

The Team was called in to Caduceus HQ for another mission briefing. They thought nothing of Mr Hatfield not being present, Hatfield was usually absent in New York!

Dr Vincent conducted the meeting, it seems an old Serpent Person base may have been re-activated in Iceland, likely by the Inner Night, this base was supposed to be a research facility of some type and it is vital that it not fall into enemy hands. The Team are to go to Iceland, find out what the Inner Night are up to and secure the base if possible, or destroy it if not.

Dr Vincent pulled Father Bob aside and advised that he had a very special mission, within the base, below the control centre he would find a canister which is some sort of data storage device, Father Bob was to retrieve it for Caduceus, but not to open it as it contained delicate technology.

As the team planned their trip to Iceland Mr Canning, Meadham’s personal bodyguard, showed up and tossed a hissing canister into the room, the Team did not have a chance to blink before everything went dark…..


They awoke, some time later in a hospital in the jungles of the Belgian Congo. The staff there told the Team that they had been sent by Caduceus to help with an outbreak of Sleeping Sickness spread by Tsetse flies which had been afflicting the area. Unfortunately their plane crashed as it sought to land at the old mine and the Team were bitten and succumbed to the sickness. But God be praised they had survived, the experimental medicines the Doctor had been using on them had worked! They were the first to survive the sickness!

Apparently they had been there two weeks in a coma as the doctor worked on them, and Mr Hancock was there too, but still recovering.

The team were confused, the did not remember a trip to the Congo. The Doctor seemed concerned, perhaps this memory loss was part of the sickness. He would need to run further tests… In the mean-time the Team were free to stretch their legs around the local village.

There they met Carole Roux and her associate, hunters of unusual creatures to kill and study for science! The pair had heard of enormous lizards in the area and braved the quarantine to hunt them. The Sickness had claimed some of her party and all the rest had been finished off by some gigantic crocodile which was lurking in the nearby river.

She asked the team if they would help her hunt the beast, and the prospect of guns was enough to get the Team on board.

As the team arrived at the river a few miles away Mr Hancock awoke and was briefed by the Doctor on the situation, he sat waiting for his companions to return, confused by this turn of events.

Meanwhile CC, Tobias and Father Bob repaired Carol’s riverboat, armed themselves and set out onto the river to hunt the crocodile… it was not long before it was hunting them!

The creature was easily 50’ long and seemed to shrug off all but the most accurate of gunfire, the team had several near misses and Carol’s associate was swallowed whole!

Eventually the team were able to drive the creature away, but the riverboat was sunk in the process, swimming to shore the team decided to call it a day and return to the village.

On their arrival they were reunited with Mr Hancock where they all discovered that no one had any recollection of the trip to the Congo and that the last they remember is Mr Canning gassing them!

The Doctor seemed interested in this ‘shared delusion’ which the Team were experiencing and sat them down for an interview to try and help them. During the course of the interview they became extremely suspicious of the Doctor, something did not seem right here.. asking what the date was it turned out that it was only 2-3 days since they were in New York! The 2 weeks of Coma story was false… but the doctor was convinced of it.. he saw the nurses and natives bring them in 14 days ago..

Father Bob was able to convince the Doctor that maybe it was him, not them who was delusional, and the Doctor submitted to a hypnosis session to try and get to the bottom of this.. and get to the bottom they did. Under the effects of the hypnosis the doctor told the Team that the nurses were telling him things which were not true. They had indeed been brought in just 3 days earlier by natives and the nurses and that he was to interview them when they showed signs of delusions.. He was to find out as much as possible about these people and what they knew about Caduceus! The Doctor himself seemed to be an innocent victim in all of this, having been posted here to look after the mine workers, but it was strange that even though the mine shut down over a year ago he had still not been reassigned??

Scanning the room Hr Hancock detected a listening device and alerted the party to it.. unfortunately they then continued to openly discuss the realisation that the nurses seemed to be behind everything!

It should have been no surprise to the group that the nurses tried to make a break for it. One escaped into the jungle, the other was shot and killed, on death it turned out ‘she’ was a serpent person! It had some kind of device in it’s pocket, it seemed to be a radio-controlled remote of some kind.. what was it for?

Father Bob ended his hypnosis session by getting the doctor to sleep.

Sounds of screaming and fear came from the village, it was being overrun by Tsetse flies! Dousing themselves in insect repellent the team were able to rescue some of the villagers and bring them to the hospital, but supplies of the repellent are low and the flies are everywhere….

Session 10b
New York

Arriving back in New York Father Bob and CC mysteriously jumped straight on a train to Arkham with no word to either Mr Hatfield or Tobias.

In Arkham they headed to the university where they located Professer Caruthers’ (the inmate at an asylum who Father Bob was trying to use as a source of information to determine who’s side they should be working for) office and, though it had been taken over by a new professor, were able to locate the secret compartment in the desk and pull out a very old book.. the Necronomicon!

This book apparently held details of a ritual which could be used to contact the ‘Elder Things’, a race which apparently warred with the Serpent People in ages past. Surely these creatures would be willing to help thwart the Serpent People’s plans..

Meanwhile back in New York, Mr Hatfield briefed his organisation about the events in Bingham, providing a full report and a listing of the ‘blessed’ individuals. He also arranged for the fugitive Shubalms to be looked after.

When Father Bob and CC arrived back in New York the team debated whether or not they should report to Caduceus immediately, since they were technically ‘out of town’ this could be the perfect cover to snoop around the Redhook warehouse.

Somehow the conversation descended into a full-blown argument as the Team’s paranoia about mysterious side-missions and which course of action was actually for the betterment of the Team rather than the Serpent People.. It seems the world is in a lot of trouble if it’s counting on this motley crew to save them!

They eventually decided to report back to Caduceus in order to get Tobias back onto the reserve guards roster. They gave Dr Vincent a full report of the Bingham excursion and Caduceus arranged to ‘pick up’ the ‘blessed’ townsfolk for study and to try and replicate the healing powers of the Reverend.

Tobias and Hatfield then put their plan into action to infiltrate the warehouse.

CC and Father Bob hit the books, Father Bob studying the dreaded Necronomicon!

The warehouse plan went smoothly with Tobias able to infiltrate the warehouse, the upper floors seemed normal enough, plenty of guards, but the warehouse itself was just filled with building supplies, the only thing of note being a couple of crates of dynamite. However, there was a lower level which seemed to be what the guards were focussing on.

Tobias set a fire in the warehouse office to draw the guards away and was then able to sneak down to the lower level. There he was stymied by a solid-looking steel door and the sounds of at least 3 guards on the other side who were calling for back-up. Tobias decided not to push his luck and retreated.

In the days which followed Father Bob/Tobias/CC continued to read various texts. Tobias re-connected with the Mafia and joined in on some training exercises with them, eager to learn how to use the flashy tommy-gun!

The Team heard that there had been a mass disappearance of people in Bingham, it seems someone had rounded up all the ‘blessed’, but it was not Caduceus! They believe the Inner Night had gotten in there first!

Meanwhile Hatfield had been tasked by his organisation to infiltrate Caduceus HQ with the goal to try and identify what their next move was, he got a job in the information analysis department and was able to palm and copy the security key to the private elevators and thus secure a copy, he now had full access to the building!

Using his key he was able to sneak into Meadham’s office on the top floor where he uncovered notes pertaining to areas of interest in: Borneo, the Congo, Iceland, Oklahoma and a place called ‘Snake Island’ off the coast of Brazil. The director was also pursuing leads as to the location of the ‘Cobra Crown’.

Hatfield photographed everything and send copies along with a copy of the security key to his handler for processing, then returned to the building to investigate the 2nd sub-basement.

On entering the subbasement it became readily apparent that Caduceus was not the altruistic organization which they were advertising. Men/Women were being held in cages at various stages of having been experimented on, parts of their bodies cut away and replaced with strange devices. Another lab showed evidence that Caduceus were trying to clone someone, with at least a dozen failed attempts to create someone with a particular face.

A well-appointed cell was obviously where the ‘Mummy’ had been held, decked out with Serpent Person tapestries and plush furniture.

Hatfield also discovered a tunnel leading several hundred feet outside the bounds of the building before ending in a solid-looking door. Hatfield was torn as to whether to investigate, but his duty (or curiosity) finally won out and he headed down the corridor.

Part way down the corridor he heard the sound of a heavy door closing behind him as the lights switched off plunging him into darkness!

Session 10a

It was a daring escape, Father Bob riled up the mob to storm the front of the Jail, Mr Schubalm (Suzie’s father) busted open the bars from the rear and made his escape in a stolen car, Mr Hatfield oversaw the events from a nearby rooftop with his rifle, just in case, meanwhile CC and Tobias… well they stayed at home and studied the bible/reverend’s broadcasts.

Hatfield had arranged for the fugitives to stay in one of the safe houses run by his organisation, they were safely out of harm’s way.

With such late-night activities the team awoke late the next morning, as they came downstairs they heard from the owners of the hotel that a miracle had occurred (another one) and that the Reverend was not dead after all! The doctor must have been mistaken or God really did have plans for this man!

Slightly bemused, the team decided that yesterday’s plan to have Father Bob and CC head off into the desert with the reverend while the others followed was still on. They met the Reverend at the church as planned and everyone seemed to pretend that last nights ‘unpleasantness’ had never happened! The sheriff and Harry were there to join the party and there was some talk of the fugitives, but the reverend convinced the sheriff not to worry about pursuit – the Lord will judge them if required.

The party set off into the desert, Tobias spotted someone else following the group, it was Hillard Fowler from the Deer’s Head bar who had wanted to take out the Reverend, sneaking up and challenging him it turned out that this was still his plan. Hatfield convinced him to join the group as it seemed likely that the Reverend would be meeting his maker shortly!

On through the desert they walked, until eventually they arrived at a cave in the side of a rocky mesa. The Reverend told the party to wait while he headed inside to call them in one at a time.

A few minutes later Father Bob was called to enter, he stalled on his way in, giving the ‘stealth party’ a chance to strike, and strike they did, gunning down the sheriff and harry before they could even blink!

The gunfire brought the Reverend out of the cave, before he could even open his mouth Tobias planted 3 bullets into him, sending him back to his maker once more!

While the rest of the team started to search/dispose of the bodies, Father Bob decided to check out the cave, some presence within seemed to object to his entry, sending a powerful wind to try and expel him, he was able to force his way inwards and finally arrive in an open area where the wind suddenly stopped.

There he saw the body of the Reverend, an older version, lying still on a stone altar, the very sight of it brought Father Bob to his knees and he fell to worshipping it and Yig.

Outside the party heard Father Bob begin to pray, CC rushed into the cave only to be expelled by the powerful wind, flying through the air and landing heavily. Fortunately Hatfield and Tobias were able to force their way inside where they witnessed the Father praying at the corpse which seemed to be giving birth to.. another version of the Reverend!

The two felt the power of Yig pushing down on them to make them pray, but they steeled themselves and resisted, opening fire and obliterating both of the ‘Reverends’ and then knocking Father Bob unconscious.

When Father Bob gained consciousness a few minutes later Yig seemed to have left the area, there was nothing of note in the cave, and no further supernatural happenings.

The team burned all the bodies and returned to Bingham.

There they subtly checked up on a couple of the ‘blessed’ townsfolk and leaned that the ‘blessings’ had not been reversed by the death of the Reverend. Knowing that the townsfolk would likely ask some questions about the Reverend’s where abouts the Team quietly jumped onto a train out of town.


Session 9

On their way to Bingham the team stopped off in Oklahoma City in order to visit the radio station from which the broadcasts of Reverent Cornfield are being transmitted.

There Mr Hatfield was able to charm the receptionist into gaining access to the back-catalogue of broadcasts which revealed that they had only started a few months ago and had always had the subliminal Yig-Worshipping references. The receptionist was so taken by Hatfield that for a nominal fee copies of all the broadcasts were made for the team to take away with them! The team picked up a portable record player to listen to the recordings and try and decipher any hidden meanings.

On arrival in Bingham the team checked into the Bingham hotel and then spread out around town to interview the citizens and try and find out what was going on.

They were able to discover:

-      The Reverend Cornfield apparently has healing powers which have been demonstrated on several of the townsfolk, however each one seems to come with some sort of side-effect.

-      The town is split between those who believe the reverend is sent from God and the best thing to ever happen to the town and those who think he is some kind of devil in human flesh come to plague the town.

-      A worker at the lumber yard had his pelvis crushed and likely should have died, but definitely should never have walked again, the reverend healed him and now he not only can walk, but displays amazing agility.

-      The assistant in the Barber’s shop was almost blind before being healed by the reverend, but now has a massive hunger with the ability to consume large amounts of food (possibly without chewing it), and then becomes lethargic/sleepy.

-      The blacksmith’s wife had a terrible skin condition, but was healed and now has perfect skin, all at the cost of having to shed it once/month.

-      Another woman, Mrs Shaw, almost died giving birth, but her and her baby were saved, the baby has scales and a folked tongue and Mrs Shaw now lays snake-like eggs.

-      The Barber’s wife almost choked to death at dinner with the Reverend, but was saved, she now has a hunger for insects.

-      Those who are ‘pro-Cornfield’ do not seem to see anything wrong with the side-effects.

-      The Reverend went on a spiritual journey of 40 days/nights in the wilderness a few months back, and upon returning had these healing powers.

-      The Reverend started to send out his broadcasts which seem to be drawing he faithful to Bingham.

-      The Reverend sometimes takes people on journeys out into the wilderness for spiritual enlightenment.

On the first night in the town someone set fire to the Church, the Team were unable to catch anyone in the act, but did help put out the fire.

They later discovered that the pair who had set the fire were the Mr Shaw and Suzie Shoubalm (the Blacksmith’s Daughter), who were having an affair after being brought together by their disgust at the changes brought on to their family members by the Reverend’s healing.

Father Bob convinced Mr Shaw to be a good Christian and break off the affair with young Suzie, who seemed completely devoted to him.

The Team attended an outdoor service held by the Reverend the day after the fire which was held outside in spite of the burnt-down church. There Mr Hatfield was able to talk down the owner of the lumber-yard who was bent on shooting the Reverend in front of everyone by promising that there would be a better time. Father Bob and CC stepped into the service by volunteering to handle snakes with some other brave townsfolk, many of whom were bitten and had to have medical treatment! But in doing so Father Bob and CC were invited by the Reverend to attend his next journey into the wilderness the next day. During the service it became apparent that the Reverend was preaching worship of Yig under the guise of the usual worship of God.

That evening the town was rocked by the news that young Suzie had shot the Reverend dead! It seems that Mr Shaw had broken it off with her (as instructed by Father Bob) and in her grief she decided to take out the Reverend herself! She was being held in the Sheriff’s office and an angry crowd of ‘faithful’ were outside baying for her blood!

Father Bob and CC went to check on the Reverend, and he was indeed dead, and inspecting the body revealed that he was human (as far as they could tell), Bob was able to steal the Reverend’s personal bible which it turned out had been heavily modified to reflect his new snake-worshipping ways.

Hatfield spoke to the sheriff and got the impression that he had the same idea, though would not take action when anyone was watching.. when the crowd disbursed it seemed likely that Suzie would be taken out back and shot!

Recruiting Suzie’s father, the blacksmith, to help Hatfield began hatching a plan to break her out of jail!

Session 8b
New York

Arriving at the Green Garden Cafe our heroes observed that while the restaurant was closed it was full of well dressed men dining on Italian food, a closer look showed that most seemed to be packing heat.

Heading in regardless the team sat down to speak to some "businessmen". They were questioned on their involvement with Caduceus, especially their trips abroad and whether they were acting as couriers to bring stuff into New York from abroad.

It seems the Mafia had been tipped off that Caduceus was smuggling drugs into the city, something they would not stand for.. for the good of the people of the city.. of course.

Their source said the drugs were being funneled through a warehouse somewhere in the Red Hook district, however, being cautious businessmen they wanted confirmation before heading in with guns blazing and are hoping the team can use their insider status with Caduceus to verify the claims.

The team were dubious of helping the Mafia, but agreed to investigate, whether they report back to the Mafia their findings, well that remains to be seen.

Investigations began:

  • Father Bob spent time researching some of the entities which he had read about in the Book of Eibon, consulting various sources within/outside Caduceus he was able to determine that they were all bad news and not to be messed with lightly, except perhaps Yog Zothoth who apparently has no love for serpent people and actively helps those who oppose them.
  • CC was able to locate two Caduceus warehouses in Red Hook, one of which seemed to be operating normally, but the other seemed very unusual, not only did it have excessive guards, but also anything going into it was quickly moved out, and the volume of goods did not seem to add up. The goods going in/out seemed normal enough, except all seemed to include some chemical compound which was later identified as being used as an insect repellant.
  • Tobias was able to look into the guards on the suspect warehouse and learn that while 6 and the relief team seemed normal, the remaining 24 did not have any details on file, very strange. He proceeded to get his name on the short-list to fill-in if 'something' were to happen to any of the guards and a replacement be needed. He then sourced a laxitive and proceeded to find the homes of the 'normal' guards and learned that they all seemed to enjoy sharing moonshine from the same dealer, the dealer's still was located and he is now ready to give them all a dose of the squirts to get himself into guard duty, just need the right time!

The team is now considering whether they are working for the right side, all are certain that they are working for serpent people, but are they any better than the Inner Night? They also suspect each other as being serpent people or working for other organizations, but maybe they're still on the same side, or can be convinced to swap sides??

Unfortunately, before any plans to infiltrate the warehouse could be put into play the team were called in for their next mission briefing..

On the way to the briefing room the team passed a room where the 'mummy' they had recovered from Bolivia was being tested by some scientists, as they walked past the serpent woman gave CC a lingering look.. maybe there is some connection there?

It seems the small-town of Bingham, Oklahoma has taken to worshipping Yig, the Father of Serpents! A Reverent Cornfield has been broadcasting religious messages with hidden messages calling those who would worship Yig to come to the town, as well as some Nacaal prayers as well.

Caduceus is always investigating such events in case of Inner Night involvement, although this is not suspected in this case as Yig is not their deity of choice. The team is to get to the bottom of this and find the source, but not go too hard on the people there as they are probably just misguided.

The briefing was interrupted by some words bellowing out in Nacaal (which the team did not catch) followed by screams and the sound of destruction coming from the room where they had seen the serpent person 'mummy', rushing to investigate the team saw the remains of the scientists and equipment scattered about the room like confetti and a quickly closing portal, CC snapped off a shot with a flame pistol, likely hitting whatever was escaping through the portal, but whether it was a mortal shot was unknown, the mummy was on the loose!

The briefing wound down and the team was off to Oklahoma!

Session 8a
New York

The Team Landed in New York and were met by Dr Vincent Goncalves with a Caduceus truck to collect poor Father Bob. Tobias and the man formally known as Patrick Dangerfield left CC to look after Father Bob on the truck (their players being absent).

Vincent told CC that the Sigma Serum which could cure Father Bob was derived from Serpent man technology and while it could probably bring Father Bob back from the brink of death he might be changed in a manner he may not like. As Father Bob was too delerius to make the decision himself it was up to CC to make the call on his behalf, death or risk the mysterious serum.

CC had no hesitation in agreeing to the procedure! He even agreed to come along to observe.

The two were driven out into the Connecticut countryside to the Meadham Estate, what happened there remains a mystery….

The following day Father Bob awoke back in St Peters where the priest in charge commended him in bringing in a new donor for the church who had provided extensive funding, some Italian gentleman, very generous.

CC was also advised by his neighbours that Finemore Casale had been asking after him once more, it seems this guy will not give up!

The two returned to Caduceus HQ where they learned that the same man had been insinuating himself into both of their lives, CC had previously learned that the man was a member of the New York Mafia, but before any further investigations into the topic could be undertaken they were called into a meeting room for debriefing by Dr Vincent.

The two went over the mission to North Borneo and were advised that further Inner Night activity was likely underway and that a new mission would shortly be ready for them, however they spent a long time in that briefing room and upon leaving seemed to have gained some increased status within the organization.

In the days which followed Father Bob was finally able to unlock some of the secrets of the Book of Eibion which he had been loaned by Joshua Meadham. The book spoke of mysterious rites to contact and summon creatures not of this world, whether Father Bob is brave enough to enact these rites remains to be seen.

Meanwhile CC was investigating Filemore Casale, searching through the archives of Caduceus he was able to find only one reference to the man, apparently he was implicated in the death of an Inner Night operative some years ago, but did not have any links to either Inner Night or Caduceus.

CC also went of several camping expeditions where he sought to master the Serpent Sceptre, he was able to learn how to use the sceptre to summon all snakes within an area, these snakes, while not under his control, were not hostile to him, in fact they seemed to want to be close to him.

On returning to New York CC was met with Filemore who presented him with an invitation to dinner tonight with his.. business associates..

Father Bob was also approached and encouraged to attend to meet those who had been so generously supporting his church, and himself by association.

The two quickly learned that the rest of the team had also been invited, they head down-town to see what these “businessmen” want, perhaps they have an offer for them…?

Session 7
North Borneo

Seeing that it was near dark Tobias and Dangerfield returned to the farm and caught up with Father Bob and CC.

Father Bob told the team about Shapiro’s absence and tested everyone for the Yellow Fever. Luckily it seemed that no one else was infected and Father Bob had the suppression solution on hand to keep his own illness at bay.

Dangerfield realised that a swift exit might be required and headed down to the airfield to arrange for some transportation, leaving the rest of the team to resolve the situation (his player wasn’t present).

The rest of the team asked around and learned that Shapiro had been sited heading into the jungle via an animal track.. That same track that Tobias and Dangerfield had been following earlier! The Team set-off after him, after some consideration Tobias decided to take the Haftorang Device along, better than to leave it unattended.

Travel through the jungle was uneventful this time, the party also elected to go around the spider-web filled area. Shortly after this the team came across an area where a large section of the mountainside had been shorn-off by something which also left a large 30’ hole in the earth, descending to unknown depths. But even more interestingly the shorn away mountainside had revealed a hexagonal passageway part-way up the mountainside, from which a strange white light was pouring.

The Team did not have long to consider this before more of the strange winged demon creatures descended upon them, certainly attracted by their lanterns/torches in the  night.

The fight was short with the creatures being no match for the deadly hand-guns of CC and Tobias, Father Bob suffered a few minor scratches, but nothing more serious.

As the Team began their climb up to the corridor they heard the sound of a man and a woman talking from above, but their skills at scaling cliffs prevented them from getting close enough to hear the conversation, and by the time they reached the top the conversation was over.

Entering the passageway the Team found themselves in some kind of high-tech facility, discovering that the walls/floor/ceiling of this hexagonal passage were glowing to provide light and a mysterious device with a small 5’ stepped pyramid being circled by two floating stone slabs which Tobias recognised as a Gate-machine, capable of linking two faraway places, and even other dimensions!

As they approached this device they heard Shapiro call out, challenging them to identify themselves. The Team advanced cautiously. Shapiro was there, alone, but he did not seem himself, he spoke about a moment of triumph and opening a gate. When challenged by Father Bob, it seemed that he was about to attack him, but Tobias was faster, blasting away at Shapiro and wounding his hand, revealing a scaly arm beneath the human exterior.

CC reacted quickly to this development and quickly disabled “Shapiro” with 3 well-placed shots.

While Father Bob bound and blindfolded this Serpent Man wearing Shapiro-looking skin CC and Tobias moved into the next room to discover a large computer bank which must relate to the controlling of the gate. It appears there is more to the complex, but an old rock-fall had blocked off access.

While messing with the computer Tobias accidentally opened the gate, but was able to quickly close it again (no one looked through..). He was later able to activate a map showing various other gate locations around the world as well as on a mysterious extra continent off the coast of East South America. The team confirmed that there were no gate-ways near New York (and Caduceus HQ), and CC later thought he was the indicator for a gate in Iceland blinking, but when the others looked it was not.

The Team then proceeded to attempt to interrogate “Shapiro”, this did not go smoothly as Tobias was especially jumpy, and kept knocking “Shapiro” out when he started speaking in Naacal, but they were able to discover:

  • “Shapiro” was a snake-man working for Inner Night.
  • The snake-man “consumed” the actual Shapiro to take is appearance.
  • It was planning to kill as many humans as possible to power the gate.
  • The gate was to finally open to somewhere which would be its moment of triumph.
  • The Haftorang Device had been re-set to go-off at dawn.
  • It was planning to shelter in the complex here, where it should be protected from the Haftorang Device

The interrogation ended when the Serpent Person called upon the darkness and swiftly was consumed in shadow and turned into an oily slime creature like the ones the Team encountered in South America!

The creature slammed into poor Father Bob, with a blow which should have shattered his feeble frame it sent him flying across the room to land in a heap against the computer terminals. Father Bob was lucky to live.. but felt that his luck had all been spent!

CC quickly pulled and lit a flare to deal with the creature, but Tobias was faster, producing the flame-pistol and scorching it straight into the heart of the creature, burning it to a crisp and leaving nothing behind but a dark stain on the floor, of the serpent man there was no sign.

Checking the Haftorang Device the Team was able to determine that its clock had been moved forward and they had barely 4 hours before it would explode and destroy the nearby area. Hoping to save the villagers from instant death the team decided to leave it within the facility in the hopes that its blast would be contained.

Rushing back to the farm the team ran straight past, set to head straight to the airfield as they only had about an hour and a half left, but Father Bob stopped. He determined that the Viral Analyser was too important to leave behind…

CC and Tobias were not so sure, but they could not leave Father Bob to handle this alone, the three of them requisitioned a truck from the survey camp and loaded the Analyser aboard, they were arrived at the airfield with only minutes to spare, minutes which were spent loading the device onto the small plane.

As the plane lifted into the air there was an almighty explosion as the top of the mountain was blown clear off by the force of the Haftorang Device’s ignition. Looking back the team saw the extent of the devastation as the whole mountain was but a smoking crater, the survey-camp, farm and all the diseased people were just gone..

The team was not in the clear, however, as rocks and debris from the explosion rained down on their plane, a large rock clipped the wing and send the plane spiralling down to crash into the jungle.

The team took over a week to trek back to civilisation, Father Bob now unconscious and barely alive in the last stages of the infection, only the suppression solution holding it at bay. They boarded a plane for New York, hoping that they can get Father Bob back in time..

Father Bob just moans and dreams feverishly.


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